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Unleash Success

Oct 3, 2018

Instagram is the place to be if your in business, building a brand, or growing an influence. Many people put out great content but struggle to grow their following. Zach Benson created Assistagram to help brands and influencers grow their accounts quickly. After using his own travel account to get 300 free nights all over the world, Zach turned his skills to helping brands and businesses grow on Instagram. He now speaks worldwide for events and hotels explaining the best tools and strategies to grow your Instagram.

In this episode we breakdown:

  1. How to Rank higher on search in Instagram
  2. How to optimize your profile for more engagement
  3. What's the deal with Hashtags?! How many and how often?
  4. How Zach let go of fear and overcame challenges
  5. What are the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram that lowers your engagement!


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